Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Whirlygiggle Gift

I made this quilt for a good friend's new baby boy - another baby quilt! :)  I love this pattern and was excited to make something for someone using it...

I used the Whirlygiggle tutorial from Crazy Mom Quilts, except I didn't follow it completely.  I used a charm pack, so I ended up with smaller blocks.  And, I didn't create a template.  I just cut the charm square from 2" from the top on one side, to the other side at 2" from the bottom.  I had a lot of squaring up at the end, but it worked easily.

I bought some charm packs for Love U by Deb Strain from Moda a while back when I found out I was having a new baby boy.  Because each of the charm packs had both the boy blue and green fabric and girl pink fabric included, I picked out the "boyish" squares from 2 different charm packs.  I needed 2 identical squares to form each pinwheel block.

I was originally planning to do a solid white border to make the green inner border pop, but I didn't like it at all.  Just ended up looking blah - nothing exciting.  Here is a photo of that idea...(but, so glad I changed my mind!)

Instead, I decided to do a scrappy border with the leftovers.  It added so much more color and fun to the quilt.  Here's a close-up...

I love the owls and snails....very cute for a little one!  I used a flannel polka dot from the same collection for the backing to make it more cuddly.  I quilted it myself using a "kind of zig-zag" pattern, which you can see a little bit here.

It was so hard to give away...pretty selfish huh?  I really liked the way it turned out, but I know it will be very well loved, which is what I want.  

I used basting spray for the first time on this quilt too.  It made the process so much quicker - and, I avoided those annoying safety pins by doing it that way.  However, it was very sticky, and kind of frustrating because everything kept sticking to each other.  There is probably a better method of doing it that I haven't figured out yet though! :)

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