Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lots to do!

I have tons to get done around here!  Many, many projects underway and I really haven't been doing too much sewing lately. With the holiday's, work, and getting some other stuff done - I just haven't had time!  First up, I have been working on a new quilt with 60 degree diamonds.

I actually took photos to put together a tutorial (my first!).  I will be posting that as soon as I get my top completed.  I keep changing my mind on how to piece the stars together!  I need some more fabric for my newest I might head to the quilt shop this afternoon.

I also started a Dresden Plate quilt out of Camille's Ruby collection.  I really like it, but struggled with the one shown in the photo above.  It isn't laying flat like it should, so I've been reading that I just need to sew the seams in more to make it lay flat.  Not a good sign because I plan to make 12 of them for a large quilt!  I do love the colors though - and it was fun to make.  Just need to sew more precise I guess!

I also plan to make a quilt from this fabric for a good friend who is expecting a baby boy in a few weeks.  I need to get on it to get this completed!

And, next in my plans is to start making this quilt.  I've had this pattern and fabric planned for quite a while - I just want to get it started.  The pattern is Basket Lattice by Sheri Pape Designs.  

And, the fabric is Amy Butler...which is gorgeous!

And, I took 3 quilts to the quilt shop right before the holidays that are just sitting there in piles waiting to be binded.  I will be posting about those when I'm finished as well.  I've also finished my French Roses quilt top - just need to get the back together and then off to the quilters for that one too!

So much to do, so little time!!!!

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