Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lorax Started

I thought that this Lorax fabric was so cute when it came out....and, finally I broke down and bought a fat quarter bundle on Ebay or Etsy for a great deal.  I decided recently that it would be a great birthday gift for my son, who will be turning two in September.  He has so many toys, and our house can't take anymore - so, I'm making him a blanket instead.  (I bought him the movie too, which just came out last week - so I got a good deal on that too!)

So, I've been working away on it....watching TV shows on my iPad in the background! :)

I bought the Lorax fabric (from Robert Kaufman Fabrics) in the earth color story - but, they also have it in brights too.  It came with 9 fat quarters and a panel with 10 squares on it.  I wanted to cut up the panel in some way, so I chose to make some wonky squares.  I added to those some additional wonky squares - some with 1 border and some with 2 borders.  I will post more on how I did it when the quilt is finished.  

I now have the 36 squares done, just need to trim them down to the same size and sew them together.  You can see I have started that on the bottom row.  They are more like rectangles than squares - 9" x 12.5" is what I am trimming them down to.

Hoping to get it off to the quilter by this weekend.  We'll see how well I do with that! I've learned that I can't keep projects laid out on the floor for too long before they get thrown all over the basement by the kids.  Then, I have to start arranging again - after I find all the pieces - and it never seems to go together the 2nd time around.  Besides, I can't procrastinate too long - otherwise, I'll get stuck buying more toys for his birthday present instead!

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