Friday, March 9, 2012

Christmas in March?

Well, not quite!  My husband has been wanting a cover for our shuffleboard table in our basement for a long time now.  The kids keep getting into it and he doesn't want it scratched up.  They like to drive their cars on it, throw their toys up there, climb over the couch up onto the name it - they've done it!

So, my Mom graciously made him a cover for Christmas....BUT she didn't get it actually finished until just now.

After several attempts at getting the measurements right - it now fits perfectly!  And, my husband is excited to have it.  It's made from vinyl fabric with a flannel backing that we got for pretty cheap at Walmart.  Nothing fancy, but it will do the job!

We can pull it off when people come over, but it will be so nice when the kids are playing down there unattended.

Thanks Mom!  Craig thanks you too!

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