Monday, June 4, 2012

Granny Square Quilt

I finished my Granny Square Quilt that I started here.  It is very cute!  I love how it turned out.....I really like this simple pattern.

It came together very quickly - and was easy to make.  I followed this tutorial, and looked at this Flickr group for inspiration on colors, layout, etc.

I made it for my cousin's new baby girl.  Our Grandma (who we called "Granny") made quilts for all the grand-babies.  Since she is no longer with us, I thought that I would make one for my cousin's new baby too.  And, I thought that using Granny's fabric to make it would be even more meaningful and sentimental.  She had quite the fabric collection, so I had a lot to pick from when pulling colors!

I started the quilt and finished the top within just a few weeks.  It is very easy to make and fun to pick colors too!  (I might have to make another one for me to keep!)

The quilt measures about 43" x 53," which I hope will be big enough for her to use for a long time.  Everything I used was from Granny - the fabric, thread, and even batting!  I just did the work to put it together!  

I found a soft pink to use as the backing.  My cousin has 2 older boys, so I figured they needed some pink in the house.  You can see it somewhat in this photo.

I had it quilted in a swirls design at a local quilt store.  I really like the quilting pattern - and may have to try that again.

I decided to add a border of some of the same scraps within the Granny squares.  The border helped make the quilt a little bigger too.

The binding is scrappy with those same colors as well.  I think it helped bring some color out to the borders.

I know these quilts are popular right now in the world of blogging.  But, it seems like a pattern that my Granny would have liked - and I'm sure that she would have really liked that her newest grand-baby got a new quilt too!    

I think my cousin will like it - and hopefully like that it was from Granny's fabric!  Besides, it was just too fitting to make a Granny Square Quilt with my Granny's fabric - it was just meant to be!!  :)


  1. Such a pretty Granny quilt. Lovely to hear that you are carrying on your Granny's tradition. I am sure your quilt will be treasured.

  2. Granny would have loved seeing this quilt!! It turned out so pretty!