Monday, March 26, 2012

Field of Flowers Quilt...Finally!

I have FINALLY finished a quilt that was started ~7 years ago!  The top was actually finished for quite a few years, just awaiting a backing and quilting.  And, I'm happy to say that it is finally finished and now keeping me comfy on the couch! :)

I remember starting this quilt when I first moved back to Nebraska in 2005.  We had moved out of our small 2-bedroom apartment in Philadelphia and I had a bit more room, of course, here in Nebraska.  So, I decided to make some quilts for the guest bedroom.  After building a new house, getting married, and 2 little boys later, it is finally finished - pretty crazy how time flies!

This quilt pattern is from the book Cottage Charms by Nancy Halvorsen, Art to Heart. I actually used the same fabric as in the book.  The fabric is 'Charms' also by Nancy Halvorsen from Benartex. 

This a very "girly" looking quilt - it would be perfect for a little girl, but it will have to do for me instead. :)  The little boys probably wouldn't like it.  "Ewww....that's for girls" - I can just hear by 3 year old now!

I actually made this quilt too (which just needs quilting and it will be done too) in the same fabric - and had TONS of fat quarters left over.  I honestly don't know what I was thinking when I was shopping for the fabric.  I bought wayyyyy too much!  (Imagine that!)  So, I decided to piece the remaining fat quarters together and use them as the backing for the quilt.

These photos are all a little too dark.  I took them in too much shade and they don't capture the soft pastel colors in the quilt.  Need to time my photo sessions a little better.  (Basically it is begging my husband to go stand outside to hold a quilt up in the air - so, I'll see what I can do!)


It's finally a finished quilt!  One more checked off of my 'To Complete' list!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Christmas in March?

Well, not quite!  My husband has been wanting a cover for our shuffleboard table in our basement for a long time now.  The kids keep getting into it and he doesn't want it scratched up.  They like to drive their cars on it, throw their toys up there, climb over the couch up onto the name it - they've done it!

So, my Mom graciously made him a cover for Christmas....BUT she didn't get it actually finished until just now.

After several attempts at getting the measurements right - it now fits perfectly!  And, my husband is excited to have it.  It's made from vinyl fabric with a flannel backing that we got for pretty cheap at Walmart.  Nothing fancy, but it will do the job!

We can pull it off when people come over, but it will be so nice when the kids are playing down there unattended.

Thanks Mom!  Craig thanks you too!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Puppy Blankie

I've had this baby blanket sitting just waiting for binding for quite a while now.  My Granny (who I talked about here) wanted to make a quilt for each of my boys.  At the end of her life, she just wasn't able to get many quilts finished - although she always thought she could still do it! :)

She picked this puppy fabric out, which was already pieced together in squares when she bought it.  It is part of the Peek-a-boo collection by Springs Creative Products, which you can still find here.

It isn't a high end fabric, but still very cute and perfect for a little boy.  I ordered this polka dot pattern from for the binding.

I mentioned that I thought that ric-rac would be cute on it - so, she decided to add that too.  My Mom helped put it together and Granny had it machine quilted.

All that was left was the binding, which I just finished recently.  I actually got this quilt before she passed away, and was planning on having her sign a label to add to the back.  But, unfortunately, she passed away before I was able to take it to her.  So, it isn't signed by her, but still very special to have a quilt that she helped with for my youngest son.

There is a white minky dot on the back, which makes it so comfy and cozy for my son.  The quilter added overlapping circles around each square.  

I know this will be a treasured baby blanket for my son!