Thursday, May 10, 2012

Camping Quilt

My next finished project - the "Camper Quilt"!!!!

We bought a camper a couple of years ago when my oldest son was just a baby.  We go camping locally about 5 or 6 times a year and always have a great time.  We go with our neighbors, family, and other friends - and just relax for the weekend.  In fact, we just went out camping this past weekend - here's a photo I just took with my cell phone.  You can see my youngest son running (or trying to run) towards me!

We always grill out some good food, the kids have fun playing, and it is a great excuse to get outside!  It is great memories for the kids (well....they are probably a little too young right now to remember, but they still love it!).

Of course, I decided to make a camping quilt with this cute fabric, which I think is adorable!  I found it at a local quilt store and bought a yard.

I found other pieces that match....  my Mom bought me the Fresh Meadows fabrics that coordinated perfectly and the others were just from my stash.  I chose to stick with a simple box pattern.  I needed to get this thing finished because I think this is our last summer with the camper.  We'll be selling it because of the lake house we are planning to build - mentioned here.  Hoping to get lots of camping in before then though.....

The center of each square is 6" finished, and the border is 2" finished.  The quilt is 7 x 8 squares = 56 squares in total.  There are several tutorials for this pattern on blogs throughout the internet.  Here is one way to do it.....or this way.

The following fabrics were used in the quilt:

I had this quilted in a meandering design, and after washing it is now perfectly soft and cuddly.  You can really tell how much it puckers now from this photo....

For the backing, I just used up some fabric that I had on hand - and used the remnants from the top to add a strip.

This was super simple to make and came together very quickly.  It is pretty large too - it is approximately 56" x 64".

And for my favorite photo.....

I love how the sun is setting in the background, and I love that big pretty!  Here are some others from that same spot....

And here's the funny photo I took of my poor husband....

I asked him to go break down those sticky looking things because they were too tall, and of course I didn't want to go back in those weeds.  He is so nice - the best, actually!  But, this photo just makes me laugh! ;)  I think he only did it because our 6th Wedding Anniversary and Mother's Day is this weekend.  He's just trying to be nice....that's all!

I really liked how this simple quilt turned out!  I know we'll enjoy it on some cool nights by the campfire!!!