Monday, January 14, 2013

Terrain Quilt

As I mentioned here, I was busy this holiday season making lots of homemade gifts for my family for Christmas.  This is the first post about those projects (I'm finally getting to it!) and I decided to share the Terrain quilt that I made as a Christmas present to my Mom.

I started and finished the top quite a while ago in March, but finished the rest right before Christmas!  I purchased some charm packs a while back of Terrain by Kate Spain for Moda.  I think her fabric lines are so pretty - she's one of my favorites.

I also really liked the "Reveille" pattern, which is one of Miss Rosie's Schnibble patterns.  So, I started cutting it up to make the Terrain-Reveille quilt.

I used the same design as "Reveille," but I modified my finished quilt to use more blocks and additional borders to make it bigger.  Here's a stack of my work in progress....

After piecing the individual squares together, I squared each of them up and started sewing them together in rows.

The 30 blocks were arranged in 5 x 6 grid.

Then I used the leftover fabric to create a pieced border like the "Reveille" pattern.  I added white strips and a wide teal border.  The teal fabric was just some fabric I already had.

The border helped make the quilt a lot bigger, which was my goal.

For backing, I used one of my favorite Terrain prints, shown below....

I pieced the backing with some extra Terrain fabric and some white strips.  I think the white strips helped separate all the colors on the back.

I took it to be quilted at my local quilt store in a flourish-like design, as you can see in the photos.

I really liked the colors and thought that it made a unique combination when laid out together.

The quilt was quite a bit of work, but appreciated by my Mom I'm sure!  She's a sewer, but she doesn't often get homemade items as gifts.  I applied this little label to the back so she'll remember who it's from! :)

This will be a great quilt to use as a throw blanket on a bed or sofa.  Hope it's enjoyed!


  1. I marvel at the level of detail and the workmanship of your quilts. It makes me proud and I will treasure my beautiful gift.